Active principles
Almetax® and Almetax easy® active principles:

serotonin precursor, or “happiness’ hormone”

It is about an essential amino acid, which is assumed through the diet (think about chocolate!). It is the precursor of the serotonin and the hormone melatonin, which have positive effects on the mood and sleep quality.
CURQFEN® (curcuma dry extract)
A natural anti-inflammatory

You certainly know the curcuma benefits! It is a spice with incredible properties, such as its anti-inflammatory capability. But did you know that the biggest problem for the curcuma is its absorption and it fast inactivation? For this reason, we choose a patented curcuma, the CurQfen. CurQfen is a curcuma extract combined with fenugreek, which increases the absorption in active form after the oral assumption, optimizing the effects also in low-dose.
CurQfen® is a brand of Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. Malaidamthuruthu P. O., Aluva, Cochin 683561, Kerala, India.
An important antioxidant for the energetic metabolism

Since you went through menopause, do you sometimes feel the pants tighter than before? Unfortunately, in this period, our metabolism changes and slows down. …the alpha lipoic acid can help us. The alpha lipoic acid is in our organism and it is an antioxidant compound, which has an important role in cells energetic metabolism. It is a cofactor for different enzymes which take part to the glucose conversion and other energetic fonts.
It contributes to the maintenance of glucose normal levels in blood

As I argue in alpha lipoic acid, the formulation is enriched with chromium, which is important for the maintenance of glucose normal levels in blood. The picolinate chromium is considered one of the best chromium fonts.
It helps to maintain the testosterone normal levels in blood

The zinc has a specific role in many hormones functioning, such as the sexual hormones. The chelation applied to the mineral zinc favorites its absorption.
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